Anglish: Germanic English
Proponents of the Anglish Movement seek to use only words of Germanic origin in place of Romance words in English. Strange-sounding, but technically correct.

David Crystal on Pragmatics
Pragmatics is the study of the choices you make when you use language, the reasons for those choices, and the affects that those choices convey. Pragmatics asks “why?”

The Language Experience Approach
Using a personal experience to write a text. A great tool for making the connection between the spoken and written word for literacy learners.

What If English Were Phonetically Consistent?
“Though I coughed roughly and hiccoughed throughout the lecture, I still thought I could plough through the rest of it.” Sentences like these make English a difficult language to learn. But what it sound like if all the vowel sounds in English were consistent?

The Language Experience Approach
This video outlines the usefulness of the Language Experience Approach in literacy classrooms, with a great demonstration of how to incorporate it into yours!